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Killer Winter Boots That Don’t Kill

Oh, the Challenge of Being Cool and Conscious! My UGGs were sooooo old, I couldn’t even remember when I bought them. Resoled at least twice. Footbeds like concrete. But it wasn’t until I discovered rents in one shaft that I finally began what turned out to be a holy quest for warm, snow-tolerant, cruelty-free boots that would have tested the [...]

2018-10-03T21:44:46+00:00October 3rd, 2018|blog, Environment, fashion, vegan|

Repeal and Replace Is as Old as the Constitution

We declared independence from Britain for the sake of some inalienable rights, but what happened to them? Spoiler alert: Greed. So much meddling, so little time! While all ears and eyes were recently glued to the congressional hearings re Russian interference in our elections, cybersecurity experts alerted us (well, those of us listening to NPR) [...]

2018-04-15T01:28:24+00:00July 4th, 2017|Featured, politics, Yoga|

Just Watch It!

Because what we don’t eat matters as much as what we do. Tristram Stuart and a few bananas that didn't make it to market because they weren't perfect enough. Sigh. The last time you went food shopping, did you accidentally drop a whole bag of groceries on your way home and forget to pick them [...]

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Graffiti-Inspired Yoga

A Cleanup Goddess Called Mom Takes On Her 'Hood Standing in the kitchen with my teacher Sharon Gannon, who was visiting, gazing out at the overwhelm of my Colorado backyard, a newly transplanted New Yorker gone from apartment owner to house renter, I was bemoaning the fact that because I didn’t own the place I was [...]

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Simple Recipes for Joy

Master Class & Book Party with Sharon Gannon You Don’t Want to Miss This! Sharon Gannon, world-renowned yogini and master teacher, is nothing less than a 21st-century Renaissance woman. The founder, along with David Life, of the Jivamukti Yoga Method — a vigorous vinyasa practice that incorporates ahimsa, scriptural study, devotion, meditation and music — [...]

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November 1 Is World Vegan Day!

Who knew that the word "vegan" was coined 68 years ago on this day? And that the whole month of November is World Vegan Month? Well, now you do. If you ask me (go ahead and ask!), every day should be World Vegan Day, and then we could celebrate every night at the St. Julien [...]

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I’m Addicted to … Raw Curried-Cauliflower Soup

Thick & silky-creamy, topped with avocado, this is my go-to lunch all summer long -- & when I say “all,” I mean I make this soup, like, practically every week. I’m a creature of ease & habit, & when I find something that works, & that is insanely delicious, I can’t get enough. (When it [...]

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