daily blissit’s friday, december 13, & moon is in the starspace called ardra, which occupies a sky-slice of gemini. gemini’s ruling planet, mercury, gives us curiosity & the desire to unpack the details of what we’re curious about & share our enthusiasm with others, which makes gemini if not exactly gregarious at least not shy when it comes to being sociable. it is through ideas & interests, through an intellectual exchange, that gemini connects with others & finds meaning in & the meaning of life.

ardra is ruled by rudra, the stormy aspect of shiva. i mean stormy in terms of water, b/c, well, shiva is pretty metaphorically stormy in all of his incarnations, right? which is why ardra is symbolized by a teardrop, by the outer manifestation of inner storms. so, yeah, we’re talking grief. but here’s the deal: when we allow ourselves to grieve, when we allow ourselves to have a good cry, when we acknowledge our emotions & let ourselves feel them, we give ourselves permission to feel more across the entire spectrum of feelings—from despair to ecstasy. which is perhaps why ardra means not only teardrop but green, as in the green shoot that appears after a storm, the life, the joy that sprouts in the wake of sadness/tragedy. the sun does come out, eventually, inevitably. we are the storm & we are the sunshine, the sorrow & the joy, & the more we let ourselves experience the full range of our emotions, the more we experience the full range of & maximize our authentic beingness.

it’s the second phase of the waning moon, which is related to lord krishna, the embodiment of love & devotion, as well as how we create wealth. ideally, we create wealth via what we’re devoted to, what we love, & ideally what we love & what we are devoted to are in alignment with our highest values. good day to check in with what you value & how you create value in life.

friday is owned by venus, who just wants us to have fun. venus has been feeling a little challenged in that department for the past few weeks, but we shouldn’t feel any constraints if we want to kick up our heels & party tonight or indulge in, delight in, whatever brings us pleasure.

& that’s your daily bliss! jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine more light of your life, contact me for a session! ~.~

image: jeremy bishop/unsplash