the daily blissit’s wednesday, january 1, 2020 (happy new year!!!), & moon is in the starspace called purva bhadra, but in the pisces, rather than aquarius, portion. so we’re full-on tuning into piscean energy, which is transcendent, otherworldly, beyond-this-worldly. of course this being the day after, that sense of realizing that you’re not exactly of this planet may be a result of, um, too much partying rather than, say, just the right amount of meditation & karma yoga. b/c pisces wants us to understand that we are more than our bodies & minds, but not everyone is ready to go there; some peeps just want the experience of an alt-reality & get it by checking out, taking a short cut, through drugs & alcohol & even sex—by getting artificially high, they’re going low, & totally missing the point.

the shakti of purva bhadra is to give us a glimpse of the true nature of our existence & to find a sense of peace as a result. please see yesterday’s post for more. moon moves into uttara bhadra around 4 pm mountain time & will be there through tomorrow, so i’m going to wait to talk about that asterism until tomorrow.

it’s the seventh lunar day, which is related to lord indra, the king of the gods, whose ups had their downs—he was a bit too full of himself & was brought down by the delusions of ego. so feel magnanimous today but know that that magnanimity is not yours, is not who you are, that it just moves through you by the grace of all that is.

wednesday is ruled by mercury, who gives us words through which to communicate. matrika shakti is the power of sound inherent in the letters of the alphabet. now, yeah, sure this refers to the sanskrit alphabet, which is a vibrational language, but all words reverberate energetically, are acts of creation; all words have power, even english ones. words and letters create thoughts, thoughts generate feelings and emotions. words magnetize things to us & push them away. we can experience the power of words by, say, thinking (or saying), “i’m not good enough.” does that or does it not create a feeling inside? how about when we say, “i’m beautiful & vibrant”? if we can feel the impact our words have on us, others certainly can & do, right? so wednesday is a good day to reflect on the power of our words to create the world we want to experience. & since it’s the first day of the new year, i’m gonna say that that could be a great good way to start the year, that we should think of wielding our words like magic wands!

jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. i’d love to help you shine more light on your life  but i’m taking a wee break from readings to be a support for my family. stay tuned! ~.~

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay