the daily blissit’s monday, january 6, & moon is in the starspace called krittika, which occupies a sky-slice that straddles aries & taurus. by the time you read this, moon will have moved past the fire & passion of aries & have landed in earthy, cozy taurus. moon feels stable & strong in taurus, which means we feel emotionally-mentally stable & strong (or, um, stronger & more stable, all factors being taken into consideration), calm & peaceful after the excitation of aries.

the symbol for krittika is the razor & the energy of this asterism invites us to cut (krit means “to cut”) away, get rid of, what doesn’t serve our highest expression of self, to prune our lives, tidy ourselves up psychically. this is where we examine our attachments, our emotional clinging—attachments are always emotional, right? this is where we realize that, as joseph campbell wrote, “the criterion of achievement will be … the courage to let go of the past, with its truths, its goals, its dogmas of ‘meaning,’ & its gifts.” & by “achievement,” campbell was not talking about our material accomplishments but about fulfilling our dharma, which is the life we are meant to live; by “achievement” he meant fulfilling the quest of our hero’s journey, being heroes to ourselves. what ideas about your life do you have to get rid of, let go of, in order to live the life you are meant to live?

it’s the eleventh tithi, the eleventh phase of the waxing moon, which is related to both the delight of being with loved ones & healing ourselves through, recommitting to, meditation & fasting & other yogic practices. of course being in satsang, being with the ones we love who are likeminded, can definitely be healing. what healing practice can you recommit to today?

monday is the moon’s day, which brings a connection to our feeling nature, whether our emotions or our powers of intuition & general heart-centeredness, so mondays definitely have the potential to make us feel more vulnerable b/c love does that, or to make us more irritable b/c we’re more sensitive. if you are a cancer in the vedic system of astrology, which is what i write about, you are ruled by the moon, so mondays are especially potent for you. if you don’t know your vedic sign & want to, pm me & i can help.

jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. i’d love to help you shine more light on your life but i’m taking a wee break from readings to be a support for my family. stay tuned! ~.~