June 11th’s dollop of dharma courtesy of the moon!

daily blissit’s tuesday, june 11, & moon is in earthy, practical, detail-oriented, maintain-healthy-routines-to-keep-the-bad-juju-at-bay virgo, in the starspace called hasta. “hasta” means hand. it is also another name for the elephant, b/c the elephant uses its trunk like a hand—to yank out vegetation for its meals, for example.

we can make things with our hands & we can offer them up with our hands. the shakti of this asterism allows us to manifest, to put what’s in our mind into our hands & offer it up to the world. the catch here is that the ego can easily get in the way, we can get all up inside ourselves for thinking that we did it all by lonesome, that our own efforts are responsible for our creation—ha! it’s crucial to remember that we are but vessels, vehicles through which the divine operates, that whatever we manifest arises only through grace. or else there will be repercussions. why not let someone else do the heavy lifting? just saying!

the ruling deity of this starspace is savitar, who is invoked in the gayatri mantra, perhaps the most sacred chant in all of the vedas. when we chant the gayatri (yes, a good day to do so, although every day is!), we are asking savitar, an aspect of solar power, to connect us to the light within, to reveal the ancient wisdom we embody, our own soul(ar) power. & thus we will know that we are but agents of the divine, that our agency is to shine that light out into the world, to remember that we are vehicles of that light, the source of it only in the sense that we are all ultimately a manifestation of the divine.

it’s the 10th phase of the waxing moon, which has to do with handling pressure & responsibility & taking actions related to our soul’s purpose.

& that’s your daily bliss—tuesday is ruled by mars, which supports focused action, but there’s lots of stuff going on with mars in the sky right now, things could get heated this week, even volcanically so, on a global or personal level, so, um, beware!

p.s. jytoish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine more light on your life, understand why you are here & how the planets are guiding you on your path, i’d love to enlighten you with a session. contact me! ~.~

Photo by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

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