June 12th’s dollop of dharma courtesy of the moon!

daily blissit’s wednesday, june 12, & moon is in the creative starspace called chitra, which straddles the zodiac signs of virgo & libra. according to jyotish guru david frawley, chitra gives “splendor, multiplicity & abundance.” the virgo energy can create some mental consternation until we get clear & confident about what that splendor/multiplicity/abundance is that we are trying to reveal to the world. libra lightens that mental load & invites us to adjust our relationships if need be to accommodate all that splendor to maintain harmonious alignment with our inner & outer worlds.

the ruling deity of this nakshatra is tvashtar, the celestial architect, a form of brahma, who created all that is. this starspace is enlivened with special powers of art & magic to manifest something that endures, & if you think you can manifest this whole universe out of nothing without special powers, think again! if you don’t think this universe is splendiferous, think again!

chitra means reflection or mirror & is represented by a pearl. what is being reflected is our soul. the word for pearl in sanskrit is mukta, which has the same root as words for liberation, like mukti & moksha. just as it takes a lot of sandy abrasiveness to create a pearl, just as it’s not easy to get a pearl out of the oyster shell, so it takes a lot of often unpleasant work to become liberated, to uncover our innate essence, to free our soul from its crusty, barnacled carapace. but once that first grain of sand starts rubbing, once we get that first inkling of our true image, we know what our mission is & there’s no going back.

it’s the 11th phase of the waxing moon today, which makes it a good day for spiritual practices, including & especially fasting—making sacrifices for the sake of your principles.

& that’s your daily bliss—wednesday is ruled by mercury, who supports our efforts to communicate & who wants us to have fun & pursue our interests. work some magic on your true self & have fun doing so today!

p.s. jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine more light on your life, understand why you are here & how the planets are guiding you on your path, i’d love to enlighten you—contact me for a session! ~.~

Image by Elias Sch. from Pixabay

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