June 14th’s dollop of dharma courtesy of the moon!

daily blissit’s friday, june 14, & the first order of business is a correction! yesterday i said that the moon was in its 13th waxing phase. later, i thought, “how could that be if there are 15 waxing (& 15 waning) phases & there’s a full moon on monday?—the math does not work!” well, that’s b/c yesterday was the 12th lunar phase! which is related to the sun, which hopefully brought some clarity, especially around your sense of purpose, & invited you to take some action steps. today is the 13th phase of the waxing moon, which makes it a great good day to spend time with those who are near & dear, which is supported by harmony-loving libra, where moon is for most of the day. phew! now back to our regularly scheduled moon wisdom. …

moon is in the starspace called vishakha, three-quarters of which is in libra, one-quarter in scorpio, so our people-loving energy will eventually get turned inward, our desire for material pleasures will foster a desire for spiritual transformation.

visha means “to enter,” kha means “the heavens,” & the symbol associated with this asterism is the archway, the passage from one realm to another. here we begin to make the effort to eventually reach that destination, which is still just out of reach. here we are ready, we are planting our feet, taking a firm stance, focusing our gaze. the transformation will happen in sagittarius, where the full moon happens to be on monday (!), that’s when we will have passed through the archway, stepped into this other, still not cognized realm. are you feeling ready?

tomorrow is saturday, saturn’s day, when i unplug, but i do want to give you a heads-up that the sun moves into gemini tomorrow. so it’s a double good day to lie low b/c the sun, which is our soul(ar) power, needs a day to get settled, which means our sense of self may not be settled either.

& that’s your daily bliss—friday is ruled by venus, who wants us to enjoy the good things in life, like people & nature & food, which makes for some nice synchronicity with the 13th phase of the waxing moon.

p.s. jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine more light on your life, understand why you are here & how the planets are supporting you on your path, i’d love to enlighten you with a session—contact me! ~.~

Photo by Francois Olwage on Unsplash

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