June 5th’s dollop of dharma courtesy of the moon!

daily blissit’s wednesday & moon is still in gemini, in the starspace called ardra (see yesterday’s post) until about 10:30 am mountain time, after which it will be in punarvasu. “punar” means again; “vasu” can mean a jewel, a gem, or a ray of light. this nakshatra creates the condition of “here we go again manifesting as a jewel, a ray of light”—i.e., we are embodied one mo’ time, we get another chance to get it right. (& in case you don’t believe in past lives, just think of how many lives you have already lived in your current incarnation in this lifetime!)

the vasus are solar deities who guide the soul, through its births, toward its ultimate destination. punarvasu is ruled by aditi, the divine mother, who creates fertile ground in which we can plant the seeds to realize our heart’s desire, which is ultimately to experience the oneness of being, or something pretty darn close, right? the shakti is of sustaining & fostering, developing & supporting, what is latent in us, preparing us for our onward journey, for new possibilities. which is quite a relief after the storminess of ardra, no?

it’s the third phase (tithi) of the waxing moon, which makes it a good day for embracing change, a new idea, for a shift in perspective.

wednesday is ruled by mercury, so it’s always a good day to tend to communications, also anything involving skill or technology. & mercury is in his home sign of gemini (with the moon for the past couple of days, so having even more influence on our mind), has been since june 1, & will be there until the 20th, which means mercury energy is potent now. he’s doing his due diligence when it comes to being discriminating, separating fact from fiction, bringing the truth to light, especially as it pertains to our beliefs—how do they stack up when the push of reality comes to shove? & let’s just see if the lying liars & the lies they perpetuate don’t get their comeuppance, if the emperors aren’t finally revealed to be wearing no clothes—not a pretty image i know, but fingers x’d!

& that’s your daily bliss!

p.s. jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine more light on your life, understand why you are here & how the planets are helping you to evolve, i’d love to enlighten you with a session. contact me! ~.~

Image by Brett Hondow from Pixabay

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