May 24th’s dollop of dharma courtesy of the moon!

ka: dar oakleyit’s friday, may 24, the sun is finally shining again in boulder & moon has moved into the starspace of capricorn known as shravana. “shravana” means listening, listening to the truth, listening to the wisdom of the ages, connecting to source. this is generally found in scripture, but scripture is not the end, just the means & certainly not the only means. maybe you hear it during a silent retreat after long days of meditation, maybe on a vision quest.

thanks to the recommendation of my teacher sharon gannon, with whom i share a passion for literature (& scripture!), i recently read a book by john crowley called “ka: dar oakley in the ruin of ymr.” it’s a fantastic tale of dar oakley, the first crow in all existence, who stole the nectar of immortality & as a result traveled for thousands of years into human realms, discovering the ways of humans & sharing his experiences with a few select humans—he actually learned to converse not just with humans but with other animal species as well.

anyhoo, at one point he is hanging out with a monk &, lest he be discovered by the other monks, who would not be happy that he has been brought into a sacred realm in the abby, he is secreted in a small box containing the bones of a saint. he can’t breathe because there isn’t room in the box for his lungs to expand, because there is no air in the box, because breathing betray him, & his monk friend. all he can do is be absolutely still & listen, listen to the brothers, listen for truth.

“if he hadn’t become by now nothing but an ear & another ear, he wouldn’t have heard it,” the narrator says.

shravana is asking us to listen, not with our outside ears but with our inside ears. can you get quiet enough, still enough, to become an ear & another ear, to become nothing but an ear, so that you can be pure listening, so that you can hear the truth within, the truth in your heart?

in sanskrit the word for mind & heart are the same: hridaya. it suggests that what we truly know to be true cannot be known through the intellect—when we know what’s true, we know it in our hearts, thus the expression “i just knew it in my heart.”

moon is in the sixth waning phase, so a good day to celebrate your victories.

& that’s your daily bliss—friday is ruled by venus, so enjoy the pleasures of your material existence, which may mean spending time with loved ones, getting out in nature, eating yummy food!

p.s. jyotish, vedic astrology, is the science of light. if you want to shine a little more light on your life, on why you are here & what karma you are meant to be working out, i’d love to support you with a session. contact me!

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