diy goo gone

Before DIY Goo Gone

The other day I was both desperate for some Goo Gone & desperately not looking forward to inhaling its toxic aroma of lighter fluid. So I was almost thrilled when, after searching my cupboards, I couldn’t find any. Yet I was also desperate to de-goo some bottles that had been sitting on my counter, staring at me for weeks to remind me to clean them up. I admit to being a bit obsessive about reducing, reusing & recycling (the three Rs), but in my defense I have to say that I am constantly making oil blends & nut cheez & nut butters for myself & others & like to have suitable containers ready to be filled when the earth goddess inspiration rises. So what to do? Google DIY Goo Gone, of course!


DIY Goo Gone

Not only am I obsessive about the three Rs, I am obsessive about making my own whatever—partly for economic reasons (why spend more for the packaging than for the ingredients?), partly for environmental reasons (does the planet really need one more plastic bottle, even if it can be recycled?), partly to have control over the contents (organic yes, toxic no) & partly because it’s just fun.

It took about five whole seconds for me to find this recipe & about five whole minutes to whip it up. I didn’t have orange essential oil & wasn’t about to run out & buy some if I didn’t have to, so I was glad to find some Citrus Bliss from doTerra in my cache of oils, which seems to have worked just fine (see pic below). I did melt the coconut oil (truth be told: I buy the massive Kirkland brand tub at Costco these days), which makes mixing & applying a whole lot easier & less messy (not sure how you can even blend the oil without melting it).


A Little Dab’ll Do Ya

How much label you are able to remove with hot water & scraping will determine how much effort you’ll have to expend, but, really, it probably took me about three minutes to de-goo this jar, which is the perfect size for my chedda cheez or pecan butter. I mean, can you even tell where the label might’ve been?! & note the use of a recycled container for my goo gone—not! Also note that that is NOT a paper towel; it’s made from bamboo & can be reused so many times I’m thinking that the roll is going to outlive me!

DIY goo gone

After DIY Goo Gone



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